Couples Counseling

When you think about the relationship with your partner, do you...

  • Wish you could talk more together? Communicate more effectively together?
  • Want to solve problems more effectively together, as a team? 
  • Find yourself feeling distant from them? 
  • Frequently feel sad or angry with your partner?
  • Wish you and your partner talked more about your feelings together? 
  • Long to get back to that feeling you had when you first met? 
  • We can help. It's just a phone call away...

Our psychologists and therapists who specialize in marital and couple's counseling are highly experienced at helping couple's to renew their emotional connection, improve their communication and problem-solving, and move their relationship to a new level of understanding and connection. We use a variety of methods to help couples improve their communication skills, increase their emotional bond, and rediscover one another.

Sometimes, in today's world, couples also decide that they will be happiest, in the long run, if they are apart. If a couple decides to end their relationship, it's important to remember that this process is not a onetime event. Rather, it's a transition to a new kind of relationship. Our therapists can also help couples make this transition in a smoother and more collaborative way.

We are here to help you achieve your relationship goals! Get started now - It's easy to contact us for an appointment in our Ames Counseling or our Des Moines Counseling/West Des Moines Counseling Offices!

Send us an email or give us a call at (515) 222-1999 (for West Des Moines) or (515) 233-1122 (for Ames).
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