Adult Counseling Services (Individual Counseling)

Are you…

  • Experiencing stress in your job?
  • Having trouble controlling your temper? 
  • Worrying about a variety of issues a lot of the time? 
  • Having trouble controlling your worries? 
  • Feeling sad and down much of the time? 
  • Having trouble falling asleep, staying asleep, and/or waking in the morning feeling rested? 
  • Arguing with or angry often at your partner, children, friends, coworkers? 
  • Struggling with learning in classes? 
  • Frustrated by difficulties with concentration or finishing tasks? 
  • Looking for meaning in your life or relationships? 
  • Looking for ways to grow as a person? 
  • If any of these sound familiar and you are looking for help in finding answers and direction, then help is just a phone call away…

The psychologists and therapists at Central Iowa Psychological Services are highly experienced at working with adults of all ages, gender, belief systems, and backgrounds. We value working with the whole person and the issues they bring for exploration. We believe in conducting thorough face to face assessments with each person and working together with people, as a team, to determine the best course of counseling, specific to each person. Our approach is to help each person use their existing strengths, in addition to learning new skills, to grow and create their own meaning in their life.

Send us an email or give us a call at (515) 222-1999 (for West Des Moines) or (515) 233-1122 (for Ames).
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